Friday, 10 February 2017

Enroll with HM Aviation for Commercial Pilot license

A career in aviation sector is something many dream of. Completing a course which prepares one for flaying a commercial plane can be a stepping stone for success and fame. And, to fly a commercial plane, one needs to have commercial pilot license. HM Aviation trains and grooms the skills of aspiring commercial pilots in India. The flight training academy has emerged as one of the most sought-after aviation schools not only in India but also abroad. They make sure that students who enroll with them get finest training which empowers them with knowledge and skills to fetch a job in this growing sector.

The commercial pilot license gives one the right and authority to fly commercial planes. Flying commercial planes is a huge responsibility for the safety of passengers and crew members lie solely on the pilot. Normally, the night’s rating is the part of this course, however other ratings like instrument rating and multi-engine rating can be added to the license. The instructor of flight rating needs a commercial pilot’s license.
Prerequisites to become commercial pilot

Applicant should have a Private Pilot License
  He or she should hold a Category 1 Medical certificate
  An applicant should be aged above 18 years of age for issuance of the license


Completion of 80 hours of ground
One should obtain minimum 60 percent on a written examination for the following subjects  
o Air law  
o Meteorology  
o General Knowledge  
o Navigation

Only those who fulfill these prerequisites and requirements is eligible to enroll with HM Aviation for commercial pilot license. One thing aspiring candidates can be assured of is quality of training and value for money.