Tuesday 14 November 2023

HM Aviation: Your Premier Pilot Training Institute In Delhi


HM Aviation:  Premier Pilot Training Institute In Delhi

Are you dreaming of soaring through the skies as a skilled pilot? HM Aviation is here to turn that dream into reality. HM Aviation is partnered one of the top 10 flight schools and pilot training academies , we are your gateway to a thrilling career in aviation.

HM Aviation is one of the best pilot training institute and has been training many students from all over India for their pilot training course for many years now . 

 Why Choose HM Aviation?

●      Experienced Instructors: Our team of skilled and experienced instructors are dedicated to provide you with the best pilot training possible. They have the expertise and knowledge to guide you through every step of your journey.

●      Cutting-Edge Facilities: We with our partnered flight training organisations offer state-of-the-art facilities and modern training aircraft. Our students train on modern aircraft , ensuring they are well-prepared for the aviation industry.

●      Comprehensive Curriculum: At HM Aviation, we offer a comprehensive pilot training program that covers all aspects of flying, and including  aviation subjects - aviation regulations, navigation, meteorology, and aircraft systems.

●      Job Opportunities: As one of the top pilot training school in India, we offer pilot training upto Airline standards to each of our student . We provide our graduates with job assistance. 

Experience - More than 12 years of experience and trained more than 1700 students till date . 

Safety First: Safety is our top priority. We and our partnered flight schools follow Stinged  safety protocols to ensure that our students receive the best training while keeping their well-being in mind.

Join the Ranks of Successful Pilots

At HM Aviation, we are committed to shaping the next generation of skilled pilots who are not only well-trained but also passionate about flying. Our pilot training institute in India is designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the aviation industry.



 you're ready to take to the skies and fulfill your dreams of becoming a pilot, look no further than HM Aviation. As a leading pilot training institute and partnered with one of the best pilot training schools , we offer the ideal environment for you to launch your aviation career. Your journey towards becoming a pilot begins here, and HM Aviation is here to guide you every step of the way. Join us, and together, we'll make your dreams take flight.



Wednesday 13 September 2023

CPL Ground Classes for Indian students

 Dgca CPL  Ground  Classes are important for someone who is planning to do his Commercial Pilot training . In order to attain a Commercial Pilot license one has to go through two verticals of training - theoretical training and Practical flight training . These theoretical classes can be done at various pilot training institutes . This course helps a cadet to prepare for his Dgca CPL Written examination . Dgca generally conducts on demand examination every month these days . One has to score minimum of 70% in order to pass any DGCA CPL written exam . 

Thorough knowledge of CPL subjects help in safe conduct of flight operations , better understanding of rules and regulations , also helps you in clearing your Dgca exams quickly . Topics  which you study as a part of this course are - General Navigation , flight instruments , radio navigation , mass and balance , performance , flight planning , Aviation meteorology , Air Regulations , Human factors , Aircraft and engines .

In practical part of the training one has to undergo 200 hours of Flying with a minimum of 100 hours as Pilot in command . After complete Dgca CPL written exams , 200 hours of flying and after passing couple skill test , one can apply for Commercial Pilot license with Indian Dgca .

Tuesday 12 September 2023

Vivek Experience with HM Aviation - Cpl Ground Classes In Delhi


Vivek Experience with HM Aviation - Cpl Ground Classes In Delhi


Wednesday 26 July 2023

Pilot Training Institute – Destination for aspiring students

pilot Training is one of the most preferred courses by those who want to fetch job as pilot in the aviation industry. In the years spanning last few years, many people have shown keen interest in the aviation sector. There are many aspiring candidates who want to be the part of this ever flourishing sector. After all, there plenty of opportunities available and you can easily choose the one as per your choice and preference. Getting enrolled with pilot training institute lets you enhance skills in several courses. Pilot training institute is the destination meant for people who want to fetch job as pilot.

Getting registered with a reputed as well as certified aviation academy can help you go a long way.
Choosing flight training academies is one of the best ways to learn different types of courses in the field of aviation. There is no denying in the fact that aviation is an upcoming industry offering plenty of career opportunities to aspiring students. Also, it is one of the most enthralling industries where you can build your career. Salary that this industry has to offer is second to none. Students get attracted to it not only because of hefty salary packages but also because of the thrill of flying an airplane. Aviation training not only boosts skills for flying but also prepares you for ground jobs.

Joining flight training academy lets you gain apt assistance needed to become a pilot. With increase in number of students showing interest to become a pilot, several; flight schools have cropped all over the world. When it comes to selecting the academy, several factors should be kept in mind. Making choice inn pilot training institute depends on the type of license you want – private, commercial, sport or recreational license. At the time of joining an aviation academy, besides finances, there are several other factors that you have to take into consideration. You should give priority to the quality of training you are getting along with the reputation of the institute. Flight as well as ground training should be done on a regular basis. The flight training academy should have rules and regulations concerning the mental as well as physical health of the applicant. Proper screening should be done before accepting the candidate.

Make sure that the pilot training institute you are selecting has chief flight instructor. He is the one responsible for training the candidate. There are several junior as well as senior instructors under chief instructor. It is the flight instructor who makes sure that the students gets to learn necessary as well as basic skills needed to fetch job as pilot. It is important for you to learn the entire process with great care so that at the time of fetching job, you face not much of hassle. While selecting flight training academy, do keep in mind the kind of training you might be getting. Flight schools are well-equipped with amenities required to enhance skills as pilot. So, give your dreams wings to fly high by enrolling with the training academy.

Wednesday 19 July 2023

Enroll with HM Aviation for Commercial Pilot license

 A career in aviation sector is something many dream of .  Completing a course which prepares one for flying a commercial plane can be a stepping stone for success and fame. And, to fly a commercial plane, one needs to have commercial pilot license. HM Aviation trains and grooms the skills of aspiring commercial pilots . The flight training academy has emerged as one of the most sought-after aviation schools not only in India but also abroad. They make sure that students who enroll with them get finest training which empowers them with knowledge and skills to fetch a job in this growing sector.

The commercial pilot license gives one the right and authority to fly planes commercially . Flying commercial planes is a huge responsibility for the safety of passengers and crew members lie solely on the pilot. Normally, the night’s rating is the part of this course, however other ratings like instrument rating and multi-engine rating can be added to the license. if you want to do instructor rating then also you  need a commercial pilot license.

Prerequisites to become commercial pilot

 • He or she should hold a Category 1 Medical certificate
 • An applicant should be aged above 18 years of age for issuance of the license
. Able to read , write ,understand and  speak English 


. Minimum of 200 flying hours with a minimum of 100 hours as Pilot in command of the aircraft etc
• One should obtain minimum 70 percent on a written examination for the following subjects  
-  Air Regulations
-  Aviation Meteorology  
-  Aircraft Technical
-  Air Navigation

 and Pass RTR exam 

Only those who fulfill these prerequisites and requirements is eligible to apply for commercial pilot license. One thing aspiring candidates can be assured of with HM Aviation is quality of training . 

Only those who fulfill these prerequisites and requirements is eligible to enroll with HM Aviation for commercial pilot license. One thing aspiring candidates can be assured of is quality of training and value for money.

Wednesday 5 July 2023

Big Congratulations to all our students who got hired as Senior Trainee Co-Pilot 🎉🎉


Big Congratulations to all our students who got hired as Senior Trainee Co-Pilot 🎉🎉

We @hm.aviation are proud of you all 👏👏

If you want to Become a Commercial Pilot contact us today at 9810054079 or email us at info@hmaviation.net

Best of luck guys

Friday 9 June 2023

Congratulations Karthikey on your First Solo 🎉🎉

 Congratulations Karthikey on your First Solo 🎉🎉

Train with the Best Flying School in USA

If you want to Become a World Class Pilot contact us today at 9810054079 or email us at info@hmaviation.net

Become a World Class Pilot

Tuesday 2 May 2023

The Best Pilot Training Institute In Delhi, India/ HMAviation


There are many places where an individual can train to become a Commercial Pilot. Choosing the best place, and the right course of action can seem overwhelming. Choosing the right training school is one of the most important decisions an individual will ever make. One institute standing apart from the rest in India is HM Aviation. Graduates of HM Aviation are highly sought out by the airlines. Candidates at HM Aviation undergo a rigorous training program which thoroughly prepares them for the demands of the industry. Students are prepared before leaving India for their flight training. They undergo ground school and flight simulator training. This results in students being well prepared for training abroad. The students are then prepared for the visa interview to the country at which they will be training.

Best Pilot Training Institute In Delhi

The students will then travel to their host country to undergo flight training. This includes places such as: USA, South Africa, and New Zealand. While training abroad, the student will experience another culture, have an adventure, and make many new friendships lasting a lifetime. After training, the student will return to India.

Upon returning to India, HM Aviation prepare to students to convert their licenses to DGCA requirements. HM Aviation also has job placement assistance. The student is prepared for the airline aptitude tests and interviews. The job market is booming, and students are definitely entering at the right time! The airlines have been very impressed with HM Aviation graduates. This is why HM Aviation has enjoyed such a high success rate in starting flying careers.

HM Aviation is managed by seasoned professionals in the field of aviation. This includes former pilots and managers. Management is very passionate about aviation! The career councillors and instructors are equally passionate, and dedicated to every student’s success.No organization is more passionate and dedicated to its students careers than HM Aviation. For anyone serious about a flying career, HM Aviation is run by the best people, with the best training program available.

Mobile number: 

9810054079 / 8376900364

E-mail ID - info@hmaviation.net

Thursday 30 March 2023


CPL Ground classes is the first step to becoming a Commercial Pilot . During these ground classes you study various aviation topics  such as flight planning , Mass and Balance , Directions , great circles , Rhumb lines , Convergency , Departure , Charts , time , VOR , ILS , GPS , about various aircraft instruments etc . Rules of the air , national law , airspaces , air traffic services , Icao Annexures and documents , human factors , atmosphere , atmospheric heating and pressure , clouds , thunderstorms, air mass and  fronts , jet stream , weather reports etc . Good knowledge of these subjects will help you in becoming a good and safe pilot .

If you are looking to Become a Commercial Pilot , please contact us on the following numbers . 

Mobile number: 
9810054079 / 8376900364
E-mail ID - info@hmaviation.net

Tuesday 28 February 2023

Are You Looking For Dgca Cpl ground classes in India


 Dgca Cpl ground classes in India | Study Navigation , Meteorology , Regulations and aircraft technical with one of the most experienced instructors of HM Aviation and pass your Dgca Cpl exams with colours in your first attempt

To turn into a business pilot one needs to go through two verticals of preparing .One vertical is hypothetical preparation and other vertical is functional preparation . In hypothetical preparation one examinations subjects  like Navigation ,Meteorology, Regulations , Aircraft Technical

As this multitude of subjects will be truly significant when one returns for pragmatic preparation consequently great comprehension of these subjects is vital .One ought to take training classes for these subjects with an accomplished teacher as he/she can clear your ideas and furthermore let you know that how might you utilize this in genuine flying . Out of numerous Dgca Cpl Ground Classes instructing establishment one of them is HM Aviation , they have fantastic first time dgca cpl assessment result.

There educators are all exceptionally experienced and follow idea based preparing design as they accept solid idea is vital for safe direct of flight . They likewise lead standard execution assessment which helps them in changing over understudies feeble regions into his/her solidarity.

After understudy clears Dgca Ground subjects with least of 70% , one can continue towards commonsense vertical of preparing . In this one needs to go through 200 flying hours with at least 100 hours Pic and certain number of hours crosscountry , late evening flying , instrument flying and so on. This flight preparing is accessible all over the planet in nations like - USA , New zealand , Australia , Canada , South Africa, India and so on . Subsequent to finishing 200 flying hours one needs to go through a flight test with common flying specialists assigned inspector and after which understudy is granted with Commercial Pilot license.

If you want to Become a World Class Pilot contact us today at 9810054079 or email us at info@hmaviation.net

Sunday 26 February 2023

First Solo - Student Pilots Congratulations

 First Solo - Student Pilots Congratulations

If you want to Become a World Class Pilot contact us today at 9810054079 or email us at info@hmaviation.net

Visit us https://www.hmaviation.net/

HM Aviation: Your Premier Pilot Training Institute In Delhi

  HM Aviation:  Premier Pilot Training Institute In Delhi Are you dreaming of soaring through the skies as a skilled pilot? HM Aviation is h...